Wednesday, July 9, 2014

simplified life.

simplified life. 

I think that is something that we all TRY to have and maybe few succeed. If you know me, I am obsessed with planners. I try all different kinds and spend WAY too much money on them. I'll try them for maybe a week and find something wrong with them and proceed to buy the $4.99 ones at Target. The ones with JUST the months and the size of a piece of computer paper (both very important when having a planner).

Well, in the beginning of the school year this past year, I found Emily Ley and she is AMAZING. She makes tons of different organizing products and prints. 

Last year, I started with the Simplified Binder (she now has updated it to The Home Base Binder, which is even better!) and love it! There are different sections and some include a section for contacts, meal plan, finances, etc. You can even go to the Free Printable section and print off even more to add to your binder. I use it everyday and have my contacts, goals, finances, and big ideas in here. Along with TONS of other info I need. I highly recommend this product for ANYONE. I use it just for myself, but for someone with a family, this is a necessity!

Picture does NOT do it justice!

I was walking around the Third Ward the other day and went to one of my favorite little stores, Broadway Paper. I LOVE stationary stuff, notepads, pens, anything that has to do with writing lists or notebooks. Anyways, I found Emily Ley's Simplified Planner! This is amazing and love it. Now, it's not the usual planner I go for with only months and not the size of a piece of computer paper, but I'm willing to give it a shot! Only problem is... I have to wait until JANUARY to use it. Boo. Either way, I'm excited for it! I love all the detail that went into each page, it's amazing. I especially love where it has a spot for dinner plans and on Sundays it has a weekly prep list and a memory from the weekend. It's perfect. 

I also got her to-do notepad. Just a cute little thing to add to my desk. This is something I will use a lot more once the school year starts. 

She has amazing products and I recommend them to EVERYONE. I also follow her on Instagram and she always has uplifting and positive posts, I love to follow her. 

Are you a planner person? Or are you like my dear fiancé and just forget everything!? What works for you to keep track of your schedule?  

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