Monday, August 6, 2012

up in the U.P.

Wow... clearly I have been slacking on the blog. I can't help I spent that last month on Pinterest and trying to recreate some of that stuff! Oh... and also watching my daily TV shows... Live with Kelly... The View... The Chew... and then 3 hours of Grey's Anatomy... I can't help I have a very busy schedule. ;) But now... it's back to summer school for the next two weeks.

Before summer school though, Tony and I were able to get away for a long weekend to my cottage where my grandparents live in the summer WAAAAAAAAY up in the U.P. and right on Lake Superior. We got to go with my sister and her family. It takes a good four hours to get there and it even switches to eastern time zone which always messes with me! We left Thursday afternoon and drove up there and got some pizza and got to our cottage at about 8. We lounged around and watched the Olympics (which I am VERY obsessed with!!). 

The next day, Tony and I headed into a nearby town which is about 20 minutes away. It is absolutely beautiful up there. We started by going to a great local restaurant and grabbed a bite to eat. They have a brewery there so Tony and I decided to try some of it. 

We then did a little bit of shopping around the area and stopped at another local brewery. They do have some pretty good stuff up there!

It was so nice to sit outside and enjoy weather that wasn't 100 degrees! It was at most like 74 out when we were up there. It was beautiful weather!

I have been craving frozen yogurt so we found a little place that had some! Unfortunately, it wasn't like my Smart Cow experience where they have 12 different fro-yos and like 30 toppings... but I settled for blueberry fro-yo and granola. It was still very tasty :)

We went back to our cottage and had some dinner and decided to have a bonfire. I always loved going to the beach and having a bonfire when I was little. The best part is when you walk out of our cottage it's the beach and water! Check out the view...

It's so beautiful up there! 

My mini fire I made.. next to the big one of course! 

This was the ONLY picture of the sunset that Tony took and it was a picture for his company Twitter... obviously with the posed Routine Baseball sweatshirt haha. He's too much :)

We ended the night playing some cards and watching the Olympics (duh!). 

Overall, it was such a nice weekend away. My little niece and nephew ended up getting very sick so my sister and her family had to head home early :( poor kiddos...

I am making a goal to start blogging more! I have some great projects to share too that I have been working on. 

Where's your favorite place to go for a relaxing trip?

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