Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I can't believe how long I haven't blogged! I went through a phase where I thought no one was reading it... until I had a few people ask why I haven't been blogging! Always a good feeling. Well... I was pretty busy planning a SURPRISE party for my wonderful boyfriend. Tony and one of his friends started a business nine months ago from TODAY! His partner's finance and I planned a great party to celebrate the unbelievable success of their company. We had it at a local bar and had drinks and food. I can easily say I was beyond stressed out and nervous. All I wanted was for Tony to be surprised. 

So we (okay... they) started the day by going golfing. A little guys day, it was perfect! The girls then quickly ran over to the bar to do a little bit of decorating. Nothing over the top because we were running behind. The guys thought we were going to a winery, little did they know!

The standing banner was a huge pain in the butt to put together... but we finally figured it out and it looked awesome! The place also had an outdoor patio where we ended up spending a lot of the night because it was a beautiful night!

After we rushed home got ready, the girls and I went to the restaurant for our reservations. The restaurant was about 2 blocks from the party so it was a good way to get the guys close to the party. We went to a sushi place and the guys met us there and could not figure out why we were rushing so much. They were still clueless and we ate our dinner (fast) and were on our way to the party.

 I told Tony we had to stop by a birthday party for a friend from work. They weren't completely into it, but we finally got there. Tony had to get some money out from the ATM so Michelle and I quickly ran upstairs and saw that everyone was off to the side so you couldn't see anyone when you walked in. We joined the group and waited for the guy to walk in. When they did, they were stunned and looked quite confused. I wish I would have gotten some good pictures. They were both stunned and I was so excited because they were soooo surprised!

It took about a minute to figure out what was going on and then we started the party! My family ended up coming to we got some great pictures :)

My beautiful mom and sister :)

We had such a great time. SO many people ended up coming, some from even far away! I am so proud of Tony and I know sometimes he may not realize it. I'm just so glad that he finally has a job that he really enjoys and he works so hard at it. I can't believe their success so far and couldn't be happier for him. 

My best friend.

More exciting news today... I finally received my contract and signed it! It's so good to know I have a job more than just one year! 


  1. Yay for blogging again and yay for a successful party! You are such a good girlfriend and I'm so excited you got your contract! Now to do something about that sushi addiction. Call me next time and I'll at least go with you :)

  2. Miriam... I honestly don't know if I can ever overcome my sushi addiction... I wish I could make it at home because then I literally could have it everyday all day :)