Wednesday, August 8, 2012

online shopping is destroying me.

Man... this online shopping biz is killing me (not really mom and dad... just over exaggerating. I'm not going broke or anything like that). A friend from work recently introduced me to this website veryjane. You must check it out! But don't say I didn't warn you... you will become addicted. They have new deals everyday and everyday there is SOMETHING that I usually want. The good thing about it is the deals are relatively cheap! Most of it (if not all??) is handmade, which I really love. 

I have received a few of my purchases so far. The first purchase I made a cute print. I've been into my photo ledge lately and finally added pictures. I thought this would be a nice touch, however... I ran out of room! Good thing my mom and I are going to IKEA next week (favorite place EVER!). I will have to pick up another one of these ledges. I absolutely love them. Anyways... I ordered this print and you could pick out the background color which is great because I'm trying to go with a black/gray theme. 

I also ordered some washi tape. I have never heard about until Pinterest (weird... I know. Me.. Pinterest?). It is made of a rice paper I believe, but is very cute! A lot of people use it to wrap presents, but I got it to use with my planner. Which I haven't blogged about how I will be using circle stickers and washi tape to help organize it... that blog will be coming when I start work in the fall.

I ordered some other things that should be coming within the next month so I will post about these products once I receive them!

Another online shopping site I'm obsessed with is Groupon. I'm a big fan of Groupon Goods. I blogged about my purchase of a body wrap! I will be doing my body wrap closer to the wedding I'm in at the end of my month and blogging about my results (if any ;) ). I also ordered tranquility bracelets that I love! I ordered them in black and white and received my black beads today! 

So... online shopping is really not destroying me... I just say it gives me something to blog about :)

What website is your downfall for online shopping?

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