Wednesday, August 15, 2012

it came from a candle.

So first off... NO I'M NOT ENGAGED... let me just start there because when you see this ring you may have thought different.

So first off... let me say sorry for not  blogging like I should be. Nothing exciting is happening right now... just getting my classroom ready... and summer school...

I bought a Groupon for one of these Diamond Candles I have been seeing. It was $15 for the Groupon so I basically spent $15 for this soy candle. Not too bad considering how huge these candles are. I got the Cozy Cabin scent and I feel bad saying this... but it smells... bad. Not a fan at all of the smell. So, I decided to light this sucker because I say the ring and it was about 3 inches from the top so I figured it wouldn't take too long to burn to get down there. Well... then this happened...

Those silver things sticking out of the candle are... scissors. I just couldn't wait to see if I got the $10, $100, $1000, or the $5000 ring. I had to fish it out! So basically I dug in the candle with scissors until I got to the PRIZE!

WOO HOO! The $5000 ring!! Or so I was wishing. Blah... pretty sure it was a $10 ring. Let me tell you though... it looks real :) and funny thing is it is the same shape of diamond I like!

Looks pretty good right?! I think it's the perfect size ;) juuuuuust kidding! It's pretty darn big. I really did think that I had potential of getting the $5000 ring! I hate that, when you think that you actually won something. Like everytime I play the lottery... I always think "Okay... this is the time I'm going to win big". It still has never happened...

So let me just say one more time so I have NO ONE asking me... No... I'm not engaged. That's all I need!

Another one of my Very Jane products came today. This one is CUTE! Can't wait to use them!

So cute and so cheap! Little notepad! I love it and I'm very happy with the way it turned out :) I should be receiving more items soon.. or I hope!

I'm headed to IKEA tomorrow with my mom.. YES!!!! CANNOT WAIT. Stay tuned for some good blogs soon (hopefully...). 

Here are some things I'm hoping to blog about...

Trip to IKEA
My weight-loss body wrap
Banana Raspberry Bread (skinny!)
The removing of my extensions :(
One of my best friend's weddings!!

Got some good stuff coming up! I'm off to (attempt) clean. Let's just say I've had a small pile of coffee ground on the carpet for almost a week. UGH! I hate cleaning!

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