Monday, July 16, 2012

much ado about... who?!

FINALLY... finally... finally...

I have been WAITING.. no DYING for this little number to come in the mail. And FINALLY it came today! I was soooooo excited when I saw my package by our mailbox :)

This is how it was wrapped! So cute. Anyways... what's in that tissue paper is... MY NEW PLANNER!!!  I have a slight obsession with getting the perfect planner for the upcoming school year, because YES... my year runs from September-June.

So, this planner is from Much Ado About You. It was a little bit pricey... but I really like how it is set up and how CUTE it is.

These pictures don't even do it justice... especially because I'm sitting on my couch wrapped up in a blanket. It's almost past my bedtime, so these will have to do :)

I'm just so happy to finally have it and start planning out my year! It doesn't start until August 1st... so I need to get through these two weeks before I can "officially" use it.

If you are looking to get a new planner for the year, you should really check them out. They have all different ones. Some that include just the months and smaller ones. I got the Large Day Planner in Lou.

Once I really start using my planner I will show you how I am becoming "organized" too with it! I saw a great idea on Pinterest!

Tomorrow, I'm going to Zumba in the morning... then grabbing some lunch with a friend... headed to my classroom... and then babysitting... busy day! We'll see what all gets accomplished!

Are you a planner person and always say "Oh, let me check my planner"? Do you have a specific planner you use? 

Good night to those who are reading now, and good morning to those who read it in the morning!


  1. LOVE planners! I have an obsession with school supplies!!

  2. I know me too... wait until you see how I am going to keep myself organized! It involves color coding :)