Tuesday, July 17, 2012

grapes or chips?

What a crazy day of weather... woke up and it was like 100... and then some crazy storms rolled in. As I was leaving for babysitting, it dropped down to 70 degrees. It felt so good. I am so sick of this hot weather. I think I've officially come to the conclusion that I do not LOVE summer weather. I'm definitely more of a Fall girl :)

I woke up this morning and went to Zumba. Wow... I have lost all my moooooooves. I am so uncoordinated when it comes to this Zumba stuff. So much for being on the dance team in high school... does NOT carry over to my adult life. YIKES! I will admit though, it was a great work out. I was trying to channel the amazing instructor, instead... I almost took a huge digger. 

I went to lunch with one of my greatest friends EVER! We have been friends since about 3rd grade and we always seem to find ourselves in the same places.. and NOT even trying. It just seems to happen that way. We went to the same college and now work in the same school district and live in the same city! She is living in our hometown right now and was just visiting for the night :)

So, we ended up going to a little bistro.

Krista had a Tuscany sandwich. It had chicken breast, applewood bacon, grilled tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil with spring greens. It also had Gorgonzola vinaigrette on Focaccia bread. She said it was sooooo good. We had the choice of grapes or chips... yeah guess what we chose... GET REAL... grapes?!

I had Chicago Beef Sandwich. It had marinated beef and mushrooms with provolone cheese melted on top with garlic butter aioli. It was delicious. Tony was very excited to eat my other half of the sandwich for a late night snack :) I seriously considered soup and a salad... but just couldn't commit. 

That is some of my favorite bread :) and the chips almost tasted like they had parmesan or something on them!

I ran to Target and got some great purchases! More to come on that tomorrow when I SWEAR I'm going to my classroom. It was 90 again today... just couldn't do it! 

Tomorrow, Tony and I are going to try and get a bunch of stuff done in my classroom! Then, going to Cardio Kickboxing, which I can say is my LEAST favorite class... I hope it gets better. And then going to the Farmer's Market woo hoo! 

Okay... your favorite summertime meal... GO and comment!


  1. cookout=brats, steaks, burgers, etc...

  2. I saw this thing on Pintrest that had a burger in which you use a cup and take out the center of the burger and crack an egg in it.... that WILL be my new favorite summertime meal!

    1. Haha okay sounds great! You can try and make it if you want ;)

  3. I make this chicken with pepperoni marinara! It's to die for! And I hate pepperoni!

    1. YUM! That sounds delicious and I LOVE pepperoni!

  4. Which bistro? A Bravo? you know who else asks if I want fruit or ships? Kavarna...yea I say get real as well and go for the chips.