Tuesday, July 10, 2012

it's official...

I can officially say...


Did I have any of your minds wandering... :)

So, anyways... I'm so excited to say I finally joined. One of the reason why I really wanted to join there was for the classes (especially when they're free!).

Tonight, my friend Molly and I, went to Piloxing. It's a mix of pilates and kickboxing. Wow... I  guess I didn't really know what to expect. I'm extremely sore. I guess I never realized how out of shape I really am until now. It was a full hour of constant moving! I won't lie.. I felt amazing after (like everyone always says). 

As my friend Molly said... OPERATION: GET FIT! It's so nice to have someone to workout with. I think it makes the whole process a lot easier. I don't like to try things by myself... so I bring a friend with me! I'm hoping that the classes get easier... because today was hard!

We had a super easy dinner tonight. I used the leftover chicken from the Stir Fry I made the other night and made chicken tacos. I just threw some black beans, cheese, and light sour cream on corn tortillas. They were sooooo good. I only had wing sauce instead of hot sauce so I used that and they were SPPPPIIIIICY! Still, pretty darn good. 

I love corn tortillas. They are my favorite!

Well, anyways... tomorrow, Molly and I are headed to Cardio Kickboxing... I'm tired even thinking about it :)

Stay tuned for a "What's in Kate's Purse" post... I've ALWAYS wanted to do that. I always see them on other's blogs and I've even seen it in a teaching blog and the kids were shown a picture of what was in their teacher's purse. Then, they were making inferences about why the items would be in her purse. Alright that ends my little teacher rant :)

Have a great night! I'm also headed to my new classroom tomorrow to check it out!

I figured out the comment settings so you don't need a "profile" to leave a comment, just set the profile dropbox as name :) so with that... What are some of your favorite "quick" meals to make? I'm looking for some healthy, quick meals!


  1. I am so glad I can comment now...I have hated keeping my mouth shut after reading your blogs. :) I am wondering what your blog will look like after tomorrow night!! :) You are still coming RIGHT?!

    1. I will be there... probably won't blog about it haha

  2. I love the taco idea! Instead of sour cream though, plain greek yogurt, it tastes the same believe it or not and it's much better for you. David and I also joined a gym today. Working out sucks, if only we were all in shape no matter what! :) Good luck tomorrow!

    1. I LOVE greek yogurt, but I only had flavored on hand. I don't know how pomegranate would've tasted on the tacos :) I will have to remember to get even just a little container and keep it on hand. I agree about working out- but it's good to have a boyfriend to keep you motivated!!

  3. That would be a great thing to blog about!!! You would get so many more views! :) haha