Thursday, July 12, 2012

50 shades of whaaaaaaa...

Finally... I have some time to sit down and write a post! It was a busy day helping my mom with the jams...

So yesterday... I started my day with this...

Soooooo good :) The waffles were Eggo Nutra Grain Low Fat waffles. Surprisingly, very good. I added some (I swear it was just a little) Jams, Jellies, and More Raspberry Rhubarb jam. Then, I topped it with just a little sugar-free syrup. I also had some turkey bacon. It was overall, a delicious breakfast and will probably have that again VERY soon :)

Tony and I went into my classroom, but only for a little bit. A. It was super hot B. I was not motivated C. Overwhelmed because I have so much to do

Tony of course was hungry so we stopped at Q'doba. I ended up getting the Naked Grilled Chicken Burrito bowl. Very good choice! It was also huge so I literally have 2 more servings from this little number. 

Tony inhaled his burrito before I had 5 bites. That guy can eat...

One of my good friends had a "50 Shades of Grey" themed get together. It was put together so cute! Everything was either red, black, or grey! I also felt pretty healthy with the berries that she had :) Especially after the INSANE Cardio Kickboxing class I went to right before this. Dripping. In. Sweat. I did feel pretty darn good after though! Today was a different story... I can hardly move. 

Anyways... back to the party!

She also had someone make the cutest cupcakes ever! She called them "50 Shades of Grey" and "The Red Room of Pain" :) If you haven't read the book... you may not understand. And if you're my grandma, mom, or anyone I wouldn't want to picture reading this book... just pass this right along ;)

Andrea, the hostess, also made this little number. I was so proud!

I ended up sampling just about everything!

And had another cupcake... and more berries. BUT... the cupcakes were mini ones... so 3 minis pretty much equals 1 biggie. 

It was so nice to catch up with friends and enjoy some great food :)

Tomorrow's agenda... make breakfast tacos... MAYBE go to my classroom... PERHAPS make a maxi skirt... HOPEFULLY hit up a Zumba class... AND MOST DEFINITELY get some sushi with my friend Molly.

How many people have read the "50 Shades" trilogy and what are your thoughts?! 

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