Tuesday, June 26, 2012

wanted: motivation

Is it just me... or has anyone else been unmotivated (is that even a word?)
I have been saying since school got out that I was going to start getting by butt in gear and start working out and eating healthy. Well, I would like to tell you that has happened, but it hasn't. The name "motivational wannabe" has really been quite a lie lately. I am so NOT motivated to workout and eat healthy. I can say I have been complaining A LOT about how I have been looking. I'm pretty sure as they all say, "your body changes with age" well what the heck... when does it stop!?

Let's start with example 1... lunch with my 2nd grade team at work...

Just was going to go for a nice little Mexican lunch and that turned into the JUMBO size margarita and a HUGE bean and rice burrito. I stopped about three times and said I was done and then continued to eat and eat. And of course you can't waste a margarita, especially in the summer time. 

Example 2... dinner.

I had great intentions on cooking up a great, healthy dinner using my trusty George Forman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine (way too long of a name). Instead... after taking a oh maybe 2 hour nap ( I was really tired from my margarita ;)) Tony and I decided to get a pizza.

We discovered this pizza quite awhile ago and let me tell you it is absolutely amazing! It is a pineapple pizza with jalapenos, canadian bacon, regular bacon, and BBQ sauce... TO. DIE. FOR.

I'm drooling over it just looking at it.

So needless to say...
Wanted: I need some motivation. What gets you motivated and how do you stay motivated? Comment and let me know so I can get the "motivated" part right in the name!


  1. To get motivated, you need someone to also motivate you, get Tony involve! ^____^

  2. Oh I completely agree! I am all about including your significant other... however, how do you motivate that one to get motivated to keep YOU motivated haha

  3. maybe start with a sport/activity that both of you enjoy doing?

  4. Kate- you need to stock your fridge with ONLY healthy food...but really good food that you enjoy. Fruits, yogurt, veggies, granola-- easy meals and snacks. Then pack what you'll eat for the day for lunch and there's no excuse to eat out. Make a meal plan for cooking at night and just stick to it. If I only have healthy food to eat-- that's what I eat, since it goes bad fast and I don't want to spend more money. Plan to shop once a week with Tony and do nightly walks/runs. I do this with my boyfriend here and it's GREAT. Let's be motivated together :) And have amazingly toned bodies for Jamie's wedding!!