Saturday, June 30, 2012

turning a leaf

When I first said I was going to start this blog, I said I would write a new post everyday. Clearly that has not been the case for the past two days. I have been so busy with wrapping up Summer School, helping my mom with her jams and jellies, and accepting a full time job at the school of my dreams (oh yeah, that was my great new from the other day)!

I worked this past school year as a 2nd grade teacher, but unfortunately didn't have a regular contract, including insurance and benefits, and not having a secure job for the upcoming year. I am so excited to finally be able to say that I received a regular contract and will be teaching 1st grade! I'm so happy to know I can make my classroom a real home because I should have a job the following year! I am especially excited because I get to be on the same team as my corresponding teacher from my student teaching experience. She is such an amazing teacher and I am so lucky to learn even more from her. I can't wait to start getting all of my ideas into my room. I'm sure many posts will be about transitioning from my old room to my new room!

I am so excited for the upcoming year and turning a new leaf...

So let's see, today I started my Saturday morning with this...

My favorite drink from Starbucks... Non Fat Iced Carmel Macchiato. Mmmmmm! I then decided to get my nails done because I bite my nails and around my nails... sick I know! So, I'm hoping that maybe this will help. Also, I love how you got to these nail places and they tell you 10 minutes, but really mean 30... I finally got in my chair and waited a little longer. I told the lady, I NEED THEM SHORT, AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE. She laughed and said okay, okay. Well, that did not happen. I couldn't even text on my phone when she was done. I literally needed an electric sander to get them as short as I needed them. 

After grinding away for 20 minutes, I finally got them to a decent length I suppose.

After that, Tony and I headed to my hometown. My sister wanted to get together to get a pedicure (just a total spa day for me!) and go out to eat for a belated birthday! I had a hard time deciding on what color to get, but because I have been into the bright colors lately I decided on this one...

I am happy with it for a nice summer color. Until of course Tony said between my fingers and toes I look like Barney... oh well. He doesn't have to wear the colors! After a relaxing pedicure and good laughs we headed to one of my FAVORITE restaurants ever. I ate so much food. We ended up getting the bruschetta for an appetizer. We also got a delicious dish called Fonduta. It is amazing, my sister did say it was the best thing she has ever had! We then shared a pizza. We were debating on dessert, but I decided on a box of Charleston Chews (again... not none of this was on the diet... or lack there of).

It was ALL so good, but I am definitely feeling huge after that. I also had to get a picture of our sisterly moment. Even though, I sort of interrupted a pretty in depth conversation next to me to have this picture done... I didn't mean to...

Overall, it has been a very busy, but VERY exciting few days. I couldn't be happier with what has happened so far. So much is going on and everything seems to be taking a right turn. I can only hope it keeps going this way!

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