Monday, July 7, 2014

a year and a half later.

A year and a half later...

I can't believe I have not blogged in over a year and a half... So much has happened this past year and I can't believe I haven't even logged in since 12.12.12.

Well, I'm hoping to change that today. Here is a year (and a half) review.

1. Went to 3 Packer games and enjoyed them every time! So ready for the next season to start.

2. Traveled to Chicago, Vegas, Tennessee, Florida, and Mexico.

3. Moved to Cleveland, WI (yeah... not a lot of people know it exists). 

4. Then... moved to Milwaukee about 3 weeks ago.

5. Went to 5 weddings and have MANY more coming up!

6. Spent time with my family, especially when I was in Cleveland.

7. A big one for me... GOT ENGAGED!!! May 2nd, 2014 Tony asked me to marry him and of course it was obviously a YES!

8. Because we got engaged, we were planning to move to Milwaukee, which meant I had to leave my beloved job in Green Bay. It was one of the hardest things I have done this far and will miss all of my friends from my school.

9. Relates back to #4, but moved to the Third Ward in Milwaukee, I think moving to the Third Ward allowed me to accept moving here because it's my favorite area in MKE.

10. Got two job offers for schools in the MKE area and I am now just trying to figure out where I will start the next chapter in my career path.

There we go... a year and a half in review. Like I said, I was EXTREMELY busy! I am really going to try and keep up with my blog. It's something that I really enjoyed doing and I'm not working right now, so I don't have an excuse! I've been thinking about maybe revamping my blog a little bit, but I'll take that one day at a time. 

My question to you today is... What has your biggest accomplishment been so far this year? It's July, so over 1/2 way into 2014.


  1. Your life is so amazing! Congratulations on all your fabulous accomplishments, well deserved job offers and a lovely new fiancé! :) Love you girl! XO

  2. Thank Britt! I can't wait to see you next month!