Monday, December 3, 2012

still addicted.

As always... I'm still addicted to sushi. I have been going back and forth about trying sushi from Festival Foods. I've heard from many people that is great, so after our grocery shopping trip, we decided to give it a go. 

I got the Bagel Roll. It was avocado, smoked salmon, and cream cheese. Usually I'm a fan of this type of roll. Unfortunately... I cannot say this was my favorite. I definitely prefer the fresh stuff from a restaurant. If you're in a pinch it will do the job though. 

So, I'd like to think my "diet" officially starts tomorrow. Tony already told me it will only last 3 days... Thanks for the motivation bud. He told me he is using reverse psychology...  He'll be eating his words for dinner :)

Tonight I'm trying a breakfast that I have read about all over blogs and Pinterest- overnight oats. I got a recipe from Skinny Taste. I used this website a lot last year when I did SO well on my diet and was probably my thinnest since college. 

Anyways, I thought I would give this a try. I'm not adding any sweetener like the recipe calls for. If you didn't click on the link, here is the recipe. 

Overnight Oats

1/4 cup quick oats
1/2 soy, skim, or almond milk
1/4 of a banana
1/2 tbsp chia seeds
1/2 cup blueberries (I'm using raspberries because they were cheap!)
Sweetener (I'm going to use just a bit if vanilla)
Pinch of cinnamon

Put everything in a jar and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight! In the morning, it will be a quick way to get your breakfast in. 

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Have you ever tried overnight oats and if you have what is the recipe you use?

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