Sunday, December 2, 2012

lazy sundays.

Not too exciting of a weekend. Which is okay! Tony was gone from Monday until last night for work, so last night we just went to Chili's to grab a marg! They have the best ones there. 

My sister showed me a website last year. It is called May Books. On the site they have planners, notebooks, calorie logs, and wedding planners. The best part is, they are designed by you! They have tons of different patterns and then you can personalize it. I decided to just ge a notebook this time. On Cyber Monday they had free shipping so I took advantage of that. They are a little bit pricy, so I wouldn't buy these unless I had some sort of coupon code or they were offering a deal. Here is the one I designed!

They we recently featured on Good Morning America so they ran another deal Friday! This time offering 50% off the whole website. Unfortunately, I can't show that one because that one is a Christmas gift. 

This morning I got an early start. Tony didn't sleep much this week so be slept in. I made raspberry whole wheat pancakes. I've made these before and they are always quite tasty. 

I loved my view this morning! I'm such a fan of Christmas and am ready for a real house to decorate and get a real Christmas tree. None of this fake stuff. Yuck! 

Busy week ahead and one more closer to 10 days off of work! 

Any fun Christmas or holiday tradition you do??

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