Monday, July 23, 2012

weekend fun. part 1.

What a weekend! It was such a great weekend and so good to see my high school friends. 

Saturday night, a few of us were back in our hometown to meet up for my friend Sammy's birthday. We went to my friend Kendra's house for some dinner and drinks. I brought my cupcakes (woo hoo!) and I brought Strawberry Rhubarb Sangria

Both, I will say, were very good! I got a lot of great feedback from my cupcakes. I have another few recipes that I will hopefully be trying sometime soon :). Tony was all about my cupcake business idea! Who knows how that will turn out!?

We ended up getting out our yearbooks from high school. SO FUNNY! It was crazy how much we have all changed and it was so fun to go through. So many memories :). We talked and laughed so much!

We went out for a little bit to help Sammy celebrate her birthday! 

We had a great time and ended up staying out ALL night! I won't lie, I'm not used to seeing that time on the clock anymore! It was a really good night though and hopefully Sammy had a nice birthday.

We had to get up Sunday morning and head down to our friend Amy's baby shower (that post will come later today!)

I had a great breakfast this morning! I had my favorite... waffles (Nutra Grain Low Fat) turkey bacon, and coffee. When I was home yesterday, my mom gave me fresh blueberries. I ended up putting those in a pot this morning and just heating them up a little bit so they became a sauce (sort of). They are so good and they were great on the waffles this morning!

Awesome breakfast! Not too much going on today, just babysitting tonight. 

Don't forget to watch for my post on Amy's baby shower later on today :)

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