Tuesday, July 24, 2012

cupcakes. fail.

What a busy baking day... I was all set to go into my classroom and quickly changed my mind when I went to Target. I had to go there and get stuff for my cupcakes and I needed milk and eggs. Don't think those would do too well in a hot car while I was in my room. So I scratched the classroom stop from my list pretty darn fast.

So, I had quite the mission today. 2 types of cupcakes. Blueberries. Bacon. 

I started off making my wonderful bacon cupcake I was talking about. Well... it turned out great! It was a french toast cupcake with a maple, cream cheese frosting, and bacon on top :). Got the recipe from Pinterest... obvi! 

Here's the before.... I had to buy myself a hand mixer. I REALLY want a Kitchen Aid Mixer... but that's something maybe I'll get in the future... 

 I got a greeeeeeeat deal at Target.

I kind of laughed as I bought it. I imagine it won't last me long... but let's get real six bucks!

I let those puppies cool and got my next batch ready. Blueberry cupcakes! Again... found on Pinterest. 

They look so good!

Let's just say this one DID NOT work out at all. Got them all ready to go and put them in the oven. I checked on them about 5 minutes later... and they looked like this....

Ugh... what a mess. Thank goodness I got these cake pans at the Dollar Store so I just threw them away... not worth the trouble. I was very sad to throw away those blueberry cupcakes though!

After that huge disappointment... I made my frosting and decorated the cupcakes. They look amazing!

And YES that is bacon on top. Tony and I shared one and they were seriously so good. It was like a french toast! 

Even though I had a complete disaster... I still managed to get some excellent cupcakes! 

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