Sunday, June 24, 2012

the start of something... (hopefully!)

Soooo starting a blog was never something I would have ever thought doing. It wasn't until my boyfriend had given me the idea when I was walking around the apartment complaining about how bored I was. So I decided awhile later that maybe it was something I could do. So of course in order to start a blog... I had to buy a new camera (it's only the 3rd one I have had in like two years... oops!) 

So here is this new (cheap) beauty

Of course along with a new camera... you must always get a new strap! I was going to attempt to make a strap that I had found on Pinterest but... then I remembered my oh so talented friend Andrea and knew she could make me a strap (a lot quicker than I ever could...). So the yellow and gray strap is made by her! She makes everything from purses, to clothes, and now even camera straps :) Check out all of her great stuff!

One of the reasons for even starting this blog was just to try and have people relate to me. I refer to myself as the "motivated wannabe" because like it says I want to cook as good as Giada de Laurentiis... dress like Carrie Bradshaw... and be as fit as Jillian Michaels. However, I am quite far from all of those beautiful ladies, so I'm just a wannabe! But the difference is I am motivated (okay... trying to be motivated) to attempt to be those ladies. So this blog will show you my way of being... okay attempting to be those women.


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